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Delivery Dates

When Will Your Car Be Ready?

If the estimate is an educated guess (established on the previous page), the next educated guess is when the car will be ready for pick up.

Let's consider this; an assumption will be made about the cost based on estimated labor hours, parts delivery, supplier delays and other murphy's law participants. Now we take that information and guess when it will be completed. It's not easy to do accurately but, we can use a mathematical formula that helps.

An estimate is the estimated number of labor hours to complete x Labor rates + parts + materials + sublets = estimated price. So how do we know when it will be finished? How will we know when to tell you, your car is ready? Let's look at the math.

The Math Formula Used to Determine Completion Dates

Estimated Labor Hours, divided by the estimated hours of work per day available to work on the car (Employees Need Breaks, Lunch, etc.), (this is also known ) as a shops production rate. Even the most productive Body Shops only get 7.0 hours of work done per day, insurance companies use 3.5 as an average production rate for collision repair. The math here equals how many days the car is in the shop. Not counting the day its dropped off and the day its picked up.

Example: 50.0 (total hours) / (divided by) 5.0 (hr production rate) = 10 (days in the shop). Add two days for pick up and delivery, two days for parts or materials delay, and it gives you an estimated delivery of 14 business days. Don't forget most shops are closed on weekends, considering 14 days (2 weeks) will probably fall on a weekend or maybe 2, add four more days to the total. It gives you a total of 20 days in a body shop.

Now you will see how a 50-hour job in any body shop can take as much as 20 days to complete. Consider this the next time you get a target delivery date from your Insurance Company or Body Shop. Think about all the variables involved getting your car repaired.

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