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Collision Estimates

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Free computerized auto body repair estimates

We use the same computerized estimating system that your Insurance Company uses. CCC Information Services. Although the notion that an estimate is 100% accurate when the insurance company first looks at your car is not true, using a computerized system does get us closer to the right price the first time.

Estimating (Consulting)

Come by the shop for a collision repair estimate good at any Insurance Company. We use the most current computerized estimating software to give you the most accurate, database-driven assessment possible.

Using the same software as the insurance companies allow consistent pricing and accurate cycle times. Competitive in price? CCC is the most commonly used software by the major Insurance Companies, and because we are an Independent shop, we have more flexibility.

Using a cost-effective balance between OEM and aftermarket parts gives us flexibility with price and mark up. Cycle times are critical (how long before you get your car back) and understanding the database is there to calculate labor hours, parts and different repair procedures allow us to be extremely competitive with delivery dates. So yes, we can give you an accurate estimate, competitive price, right cycle times with high-quality repairs.


Consulting is a fancy word for informing you and advising you of the right way to repair your vehicle, what to expect from your insurance company and maintain communication with you. The first bit of advice you need is; you don't need to get three estimates for your insurance company. You have the right to take your car wherever you want to; if you already have a relationship with a body shop, it's against the law for the insurance company to pressure you into taking your car to one of the shops on their list.

“Questions are welcome, and we advise all our customers.”

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