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Auto Painting

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Painting your car is the culmination of many meticulous steps. Spraying a liquid on any surface requires specific safety precautions, solvent recovery, overspray handling (the mist that ends up in the air and not on the surface of the car) and a level of cleanliness that would be considered extreme.

Panel blending, spot blends, metallic's and base coat clear coats.

We only use the highest quality materials to give you a lifetime OEM or better finish and the confidence that when you get your car back, it will be the same or better than it was before the accident.

OEM Quality or Better

Repair (Factory Specification OEM Standards) High-Quality Accudraft® heated and downdraft paint booth. Downdraft paint booths give us the ability to get the cleanest paint surface possible. The balance of the finishing process is in the polishing steps to provide you with that extra sparkle and gloss.

Clean high gloss finishes require clean, high-quality paint booths. Our heated downdraft paint booth produces clean environments for clean paintwork and with drying times that speed up production.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Heating the air help us control the paints consistency and its dry times, this increases production and lowers cycle times. Auto paint, because it's a liquid, it affected by ambient temperature. Controlling this temperature is critical.

Why are Downdraft Paint Booths Better?

Downdraft paint booths pull filtered air from the ceiling (ceilings are cleaner) and then exhaust dirty air into the floor where it is screened and leaves the building.

The floor is the dirtiest place in body shops, filler dust, primer overspray, paper, dirt from tires lay on the floor inside a paint booth, as clean as we keep it, dust always accumulates, downdraft booths hold the debris down, rather than stirring it up into the air.

Color Matching

Computerized color mixing builds consistency and gives us the ability to factory match your paint. Insurance companies love body shops with color matching systems; they know the work will be appropriately handled.

Texture Matching

That’s probably a term you’ve never heard before. Factory paint has texture, gloss imperfections typically called orange peel, all factory paint has it. When doing a repair, its essential your new surface matches the old, making the repair almost invisible to someone who didn't even know the car was damaged.

For individual projects, in some cases, this texture is removed, but for the run of the mill factory work, some is needed to match the old paint.

Starting with high-quality colors and clears is the beginning, allowing experienced professionals to do the work will spare you lots of headaches and improve the repair quality.

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